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Music Skills Analysis Test®

Discover your Music skills abilities and talents!


The Test is lots of fun to do and takes only about five minutes to complete. It consists of 72 questions. You answer each test question with a 'YES', 'MAYBE' or 'NO' by appropriately selecting: '
Yes', 'Maybe' or 'No' from the drop-down menu next to each question.

Do not give questions much consideration and answer each question as it applies for you now and NOT as it might used to apply for you in some period in the past. In order for the test to be valid, it must not be interrupted once it is started and all questions must be answered.

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1 Do you often sing along with the Music?
2 They almost never ask you to be the DJ at parties?
3 Do people often ask you to play or sing for them?
4 Do you suspect suffering some ear capacity loss?
5 Rarely people find your Music collection interesting?
6 Do you often sing hum or whistle a tune spontaneously?
7 Do you hear Music in common sounds of the environment?
8 Do you find Music in some people's everyday speech?
9 Do you often find that the melody of a song could be bettered?


10 Are there fans to the Music you create?
11 Do you think that there are no original ideas anymore in Music?
12 Do you often feel there is Music in you that you are unable to express?
13 Are there moments when Music annoys you?
14 Do you sometimes add or tap rhythm beats, that weren't in the song?
15 Do you sometimes add or sing your own melodies, that fit the song?
16 Do you systematically practice on some Music skill?
17 Do you rarely dance if at all?
18 Are you often demanding the stereo be lowered down or shut?


19 Do you generally believe Music as an Art can't be taught?
20 Do you think Music Stars are overpaid?
21 Do you think Music should be something pleasant in the background?
22 Do you teach Music?
23 You almost never care to buy Music magazines?
24 Do you write, or compose your own Music?
25 You almost never devote some time just listening to Music?
26 Are you able to read written Music even if very slowly?
27 Are you able to tell apart each instrument playing in a Music piece?


28 Do you almost never give money or stand to listen to street musicians?
29 Is the way you dress irrelevant to the style of music you like?
30 You can't think of yourself as a member of a Music Club of any type?
31 Does Music often give you a headache?
32 You almost never can guess what music others would prefer to hear?
33 You never use Music as a means to accomplish other things?
34 You never use Music to relax or to help you think clearly or feel better?
35 Do you sometimes imagine different chords, to a melody?
36 Are you able to finally play by ear almost anything you hear?


37 Do some tunes remind you other tunes you know?
38 Are you a professional Music critic?
39 Do you often think people enjoying their favorite Music are ridiculous?
40 Are you able to play a piece or two on a musical instrument?
41 Are you able to play written Music Prima Vista? (on first sight)
42 You do not own a Music collection?
43 Do you often attempt to find relations among Music tones?
44 Do you avoid frowning at people disturbing a Music performance?
45 Are you able to say what some of the chords are in a Music piece?


46 Is Music a waste of time in comparison to the real necessities of life?
47 Do you ridicule some people's taste of Music?
48 Are there times you consider Music as noise?
49 Are there times you suddenly notice there was Music being played?
50 Do you have your own original ideas and opinions about Music?
51 Do people often approach you and ask to become your students in Music?
52 Do you like better a bass setting rather than a treble one to a stereo?
53 Music is either created, played or listened to, rather than talked about?
54 Do you instantly recognize the style of different soloists or composers?


55 Do you forget about everything else when you listen to your favorite music?
56 Do you often observe a Musician just to grasp how he is doing something?
57 You would never use a musical instrument exclusively for decoration?
58 Do you arrange Music written by other people?
59 There is not a distinct piece of music you consider 'your song' ?
60 You almost never stop what you do just to listen to Music you like?
61 Do you often just can't stand any Music?
62 Do you often try to play a song you like in your mind?
63 Do you often try to tap with your hands an interesting beat you heard?


64 You do not own autographed Music works or autographs by Musicians?
65 Does Music ever triggers your inspiration to create a piece of your own?
66 Is there some instrument you would love to play?
67 Do you sometimes try playing a record slowly to see what exactly is there?
68 Do you sometimes urge to hear some certain Musical piece?
69 You usually never give a warm applaud to a performing musician?
70 Do you have any experience with Perfect Pitch exercises?
71 Do you think today's youth has no Music sense at all?
72 Do you listen to your records, CDs etc. only as long as they are new?

What is your favorite Music Genre?

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